Otodynamics Ltd

Otoport Series

Clinical OAE measurements Many powerful testing features make this valuable in clinical research. Detailed test information, enabling in-depth analysis of results, configerable settings, programmable test macros, DP Growth I/O function, DPOAE Zoom function, stimulus and response TE waveforms and high res spectrum displays.
All-purpose OAEs
Combining the simplicity of the Otocheck with the flexibility of running both TEOAE and DPOAE tests, the Otoport DP+TE is appropriate for newborn and paediatric screening as well as diagnostic purposes.
Newborn and paediatric screener
Configurable and simple to use, the Otoport Lite TEOAE model is ideal for most screening programmes and the DPOAE model is exactly what you need for challenging paediatric test environments.
Ideal for infants and pediatrics Offered for screeners in North America, the Otocheck has the same features as the Lite DPOAE model.
Designed for large UNHS programmes Database, configuration and Quality assurance features commend this model to large universal newborn hearing screening programmes.
Fast and affordable screener The ideal screener in programmes where results storage is not required. Available for TEOAE newborn screening outside North America and with DPOAEs for paediatric screening worldwide.