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Access keys
Access Keys are defined in our navigation for the main areas of our website to provide for easy keyboard access.
Internet browsers vary in how they invoke these keys so we have provided the following guidelines.
Access Key Website area
0 Accessibility Page (this page)
1 Product sales page
2 Product support page
3 Company news page
4 Distributor page
5 OAE information page
6 Company information page
7 Home Page
8 Login page or logout page
9 Contact form
S Skip to Content
How to use the access keys
Press ALT + Access key
Internet Explorer
Press ALT + Access key followed by Enter.
Press Shift + Alt key + Access key together.
Press Shift + Esc key followed by Access key.
Press ALT + Access key
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Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari.
Increase - Ctl key and +
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