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Echoport ILO292-I

Full range of clinical tests plus inter-comparison functions
  • Quickscreen and standard ILO 20ms diagnostic recording
  • Click stimulus or configurable tone pulse
  • Configurable stim intensity, in-the-ear calibration
  • Real-time stimulus and probe fit monitoring
  • High-res DP-Gram up to 8 pts/octave
  • Programmable L1 and L2 level, frequency ratio, points/oct, frequency range, manual/ automatic/intelligent frequency progression, DP I/O growth rate analysis, dB/dB or scissor optimized stimuli
Advanced functions
Advanced functions
  • Powerful synchronised search to reveal actual and latent spontaneous OAEs
  • Full spectrum display during DP test shows higher order DPOAEs
Analysis tools
Analysis tools
  • Examine/compare feature for DP-DP, TE-DP and TE-TE
  • Cross correlation, freq analysis with reproducibility and SNR data on single test or between test pairs
  • Waveform analysis with response subtraction
  • Detailed TE spectrum analysis (50Hz resolution)
    Data handling
    Searchable database with printable reports
    ILO standard DTA and DPG files
    Export data to OZ, Hi*Track, XML, Excel, ASCII
    Import data from other V6 or EZ-Screen sites
    Integrate multiple sites, testers and machines
    Network databases
    Echoport ILO292-I Package
    Product code: A31-01-0-0
    Order code: 292-USB-I
    Echoport ILO292-II supplied with: ILOV6 TE+DP software, 1 x UGD (DPOAE+TEOAE) probe,
    1 x UGS (TEOAE) probe, probe test cavity, consumables starter pack including box of probe tips, USB cable, manuals, equipment case.
    Quality, Reliability, Performance.

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