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Echoport ILO288-I

ILO Quickscreen TEOAE - the method of choice for screening.
Suitable for use in national screening programmes.
TEOAE Quickscreen
TEOAE Quickscreen
Fast testing method, ideal for screening
Test configuration
Test configuration
Automatic test start and stop settings
Settable test protocols
Configurable pass criterial for each mode
Screening utilities
Screening utilities
Easy access to screener functions
Automatic tracking of patients through testing
Operational statistics
Extensive patient information storage
Data review filtering by namd and patient ID
Built-in archive and export functions
Results Display
Half-octave frequency histogram showing OAE and noise
1-4kHz TEOAE
Criteria based band pass indicators
TEOAE waveform and frequency spectrum
Quality Assurance
Password protection at logon plus user switching function
2 Access level permissions (Screener or ILO Administrator)
Probe calibration and artefact checking facilities
Echoport ILO288-I Package
Product code: A21-01-0-0
Order code: 288-USB-I
Echoport ILO288-I supplied with: EZ-Screen TE software, UGS (TEOAE) probe, probe test cavity, consumables starter pack including box of probe tips, USB cable, manuals, equipment case.
Quality, Reliability, Performance.

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